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Aida Garrity
Short Bio: Info about Aida and what she does. Read more
Alice Payne
Short Bio: I am a mostly a self-taught artist focusing on landscapes, seascapes and still life arrangements. Read more
Amanda Covey
Short Bio: I create bright and colorful mixed media pieces as a way to recharge my spirit. Read more
Ann Kete
Short Bio: I paint with oils en plein air and in studio, and with ink and watercolor when traveling. Favorite Read more
Archana Dhile
Short Bio: The simplicity of pencil fascinates me. Read more
Arlene Bruna
Short Bio: Art makes me happy, keeps me busy and relaxes me in my spare time after retirement. Read more
Arthur Gibson
Short Bio: Fun loving, husband and father, who enjoys making photographs of what can be found in life. Art Interest: Read more
Bette Millat
Short Bio:I love painting! Read more
Bev Goldie
Short Bio: Info about Bev and what she does. Read more
Blake Hughes
Short Bio: Painter, drawer, and Columbus implant with a strong love of color and abstraction. Read more
Bonnie Cooke
Short Bio: Info about Aida and what she does. Read more
Brenden Spivey
Short Bio: Brenden is known as an”outsider artist”, but anyone who’s ever met him knows he’s an insider in the Read more
Christy Bruna
Short Bio: I draw for relaxation and meditation and love bringing joy and special memories to people with my drawing Read more
Dana Grubble
Short Bio: Visual Artist / Contemporary Abstracts / Painter of Memories Read more
David Engler
Short Bio: David is a retired healthcare executive, now working as an artist and living in Dublin Ohio. Art Interest: Read more
Dawn Petrill
Dawn Petrill
Short Bio: Info about Dawn and what she does. Read more
Donna Gleditsch
Short Bio: Donna is a local artist who lives and works in Dublin, Ohio. Read more
Eric Erickson
Short Bio: Eric is a local artist who lives and works in Dublin, Ohio. Read more
Gaynelle Sloman
Short Bio:Gaynelle is an award-winning artist, designer, filmmaker, writer and actress! Read more
Gina Atwell
Short Bio: After retiring from a career in sales I have returned to creating art. Read more
Howard Donohue
Short Bio: Howard is an American freelance nature photographer based in Dublin Ohio. Read more
James Essex
Short Bio: I like many different genres of photography, but I especially enjoy capturing beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, and the environment Read more
Jeff Sagar
Short Bio: For me, photography is really all about the journey – experiencing, exploring and learning. Read more
Jennifer Glance
Short Bio: I paint to capture the moment ( from my point of view) Read more