About Us

The Dublin Area Art League supports and encourages its artist members through interaction with fellow artists; educates through workshops, demonstrations, and lectures; and provides opportunities for exhibits of local art to the Dublin Arts and surrounding community.

We hope that you’ll join us no matter your current artistic ability because each person has the ability to appreciate or create just as you are. We are an inclusive group that seeks to foster a social environment and a welcoming environment to art in our wonder Dublin, Ohio community.

Explore this website and we look forward to seeing you at one of our up coming meetings.

You can quickly join the site by logging in with Facebook or other online social sites. You will then be able to INVITE your artist friends and those who love your art to join you here and help grow our artists and art appreciation community. Become a member to upload image of your artwork to make your Dublin Area Art League online profile robust. Complete your profile with an artist statement and the additional fields to ensure you can be found here.

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