Peter Szarmach Guest Speaker

Dusky Clouds

May Meeting
Guest Speaker: Peter Szarmach
Fine Art Photographer

We’ll meet in person!

Thursday, May 19, 2022
Art Talk at 7:30 pm

Meeting starts at 6:30
We’ll be at the Dublin Library, downstairs in the meeting room.
At 7:30 our speaker will connect on the big screen (he’s from out of state).

Artist’s Statement 
My love of photography blossomed at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Studying under Esther Parada and Hans Schaal, I learned how composition, light and color combine to bring about an image that speaks to the viewer.
In my later years, I began to focus on nature where I feel closer to everything. Among nature, I find a meditative state, and try to capture the vastness and the details that create visual awe or a wondrous abstract.
As the master photographer Paul Strand said, “I think of myself as an explorer who has spent his life on a long voyage of discovery.” As with Strand, I hope to keep exploring nature on a voyage with delightful discoveries.

Peter Szarmach’s website: