Join The Corona Art Challenge

corona art challenge
Let’s beat the virus by staying indoors creating art!
How Does the Corona Art Challenge Work?

Each week has a theme. Create art inspired by the prompt for that week.

Then share it. You can create one a week or several, anything you can manage.

All mediums acceptable: painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, jewelry.

Only three rules:
1. It must be YOUR original work.
2. It must have been created after the challenge was posted. No older work, please.
3. It needs to be consistent with the week’s theme.


How to post

When you are done please photograph it and then upload the photo to the DAAL blog. A dedicated Blog Post will be created every week. Watch the video (link below) to see how to post.

Week one starts on Monday March 16. Be sure and upload the image on the correct week. You have 7 days to upload your work each week as after that the uploader will close. If you miss a week do not worry! And please use a computer to upload. You may have problems using a cell phone or iPad. 

You’ll be able to enter the link of where your image is posted on the web. You can enter the direct URL of an image to be used as a thumbnail. No link? click “Enter without link” and upload your image.

Please note – Here is a short VIDEO to show you how to upload your image using a link. You can see the video only after you login, but the written steps below the video are pretty clear.

If the challenge has already started and you want to join in, then that’s fine! Just start creating and posting your artwork.

If you don’t want to post on the blog, it’s fine. We are happy that we inspired you to create! Make sure you share you creations on social media, hashtag #coronaartchallenge.