Pam Congrove

Short Bio: “Art is something you discover because you need it”

Art Interest: Painting – Oil, mixed media, public art

Full Bio: Although this artist didn’t start painting as late as Grandma Moses, she did let a few years pass between college art class at an Ohio university and her debut as a professional artist. When she returned to her painting, she soon realized it was a passion that she had neglected for too long.

The quote that “art is something you discover because you need it” rang true for Pam Congrove, whose work is primarily surrealistic, depending solely on intrinsic form rather than on narrative content or pictorial representation. Her abstracts are largely painted in oil.

Her work has been in solo, as well as group exhibitions in several states. One painting went on U.S. tour with an exhibit designed to raise funds for breast cancer research. She often donates her work to help raise money for domestic violence prevention and health-related causes.