The Vegetable Challenge

the vegetable challenge

The Vegetable Challenge

1-15 Apr, 2022

Everyone is invited to participate.

Create art inspired by the prompt, then share your work on social media. No older work, please.

Make sure you write in your caption #daalartchallenge to get your work shared on the DAAL accounts/stories.

All mediums acceptable: painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, jewelry, digital, etc.

The challenge is open to any artist of any age, anywhere.


Pick any vegetable to paint, whether it’s one of your favorites or just something you have on hand. Choose more than one to really play with complementary shapes and colors. Focus in particular on all the different textures.

Feel free to paint the photo here ( from pixabay) or perhaps go out and take one of your own!

The next challenge will be announced on April 15th.