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The Beach Challenge

15-28 Feb, 2022

After the Snow, we kind of feel like taking a warm break, how about a nice beach scene?

For this challenge, you are invited to create artwork inspired by a seaside of your choosing, either from these two photos, your own, or any copyright free image you find on sites like Pixabaywikimedia commons or the like. Have fun!

Only three rules:

1. Create original work featuring a beach.

2. It must have been created after the challenge was posted. No older work, please.

3. Post on facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #daalartchallenge.

Make sure you type in your caption #daalartchallenge to get your work shared on the DAAL accounts/stories.

All mediums acceptable: painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, jewelry, digital, etc.

The challenge is open to any artist of any age.



After you have created your piece(s), post them on our Dublin Art League Lounge Facebook Group and/or on Instagram with the hashtag

If possible, take the time to like each other posts and leave a positive and supportive comment. Searching for the hashtag will bring up all the posts with the tag #daalartchallenge. (Tip: Clicking on the hashtag on social media brings up all the posts with that tag)

We look forward to seeing your creations!