Donna Sinclair

Short Bio: As a retiree, I continue to explore abstract art and am currently creating landscape paintings in acrylic of scenes from my extensive travels.

Art Interest: Painting in acrylics and drawing in colored pencil

Full Bio: My undergraduate studies at Bowling Green State University focused heavily on drawing and that background has served me well throughout my career as an art educator. I came to believe that a person who can draw well, can become proficient in any media. I draw in the media of graphite, ink, colored pencil, charcoal and oil pastel. I love them all but colored pencil, specifically Berol Prismacolor on Mi Tientes paper, is definitely my favorite. These pencils blend together and become richer as you layer colors, making them an excellent media to introduce students to before painting in opaque media such as acrylics.
In the course of over 30 years as a high school art educator, I’ve worked in the wide range of media that I covered in the Art curriculum. Key to my becoming proficient in many media and techniques were workshops and teacher in services at the Cleveland Institute of Art. They were an amazing resource and support system, introducing me to silk painting and monoprints which I never would have been inclined to investigate on my own.
After my children were grown and starting their own careers, I completed my Masters in Art Education at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. I had an amazing studio space available 24/7 and took advantage of that and the support of our artist in residence, Don Cook, to begin an exploration of abstract painting. My hope was to express myself through color, line and shapes and have my art represent my life and my beliefs rather than a realistic rendering or painting of the world around me. I moved to Fairfax County in Northern Virginia where I taught for the last ten years of my career. My studio was in an historic home in Falls Church and I exhibited in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland in galleries such as the Torpedo Factory and the Circle Gallery.