WEEK 2. The Corona Art Challenge: Water

corona art challenge week two theme

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Welcome to Week two of the corona art challenge!

Last week was awesome! So many people participated and sent us great feedback, and said they loved the idea. THANK YOU!!

We are truly all on the same boat, no matter who we are and what we do, we are fighting a common enemy and we can find the same silver lining. Social distancing can strengthen online connections and the stay-home policy can provide time to CREATE! 🙂

The Week 2 theme is WATER. Have fun with it!

The three rules of the Corona Art Challenge:
1. It must be YOUR original work.
2. It must have been created after the challenge was posted. No older work, please.
3. It needs to be consistent with this week’s theme: WATER.

Let’s beat the virus by staying indoors creating art!
How to post

You have 7 days to upload your work (below)  as after that the uploader will close at the end of the week. If you miss a week do not worry!

Make sure to include your name in the caption.

Two ways to upload:

  1. With a link to your blog, website, or other URL, wherever your image is posted on the web. Copy and paste the address and select the correct thumbnail. Once posted, people will be able to click on it and visit your site.
  2. No web link? click “add your link” anyway, after you verify your identity, you’ll see the option to choose “Enter without link” and browse to upload your entry from your device.

NOTE: To add your first entry you’ll have to sign in, to verify your identity.

If the challenge has already started and you want to join in, then that’s fine! Just start creating and posting your artwork.

If you don’t want to post on the blog, it’s fine. We are happy that we inspired you to create! Make sure you share you creations on social media, hashtag #coronaartchallenge.


Please note – Here is a short VIDEO to show you how to upload your image. You can see the video only after you login, but the written steps below the video are pretty clear.

Also, if you experience problems using a cell phone or iPad, try using a computer.