Ty Carroll

Short Bio: I never chose to be an artist. I was born and this is what I am. I chose nothing.

Art Interest: Digital Art
Website: https://www.typcarroll.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TyPCarroll
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/typcarroll/

Full Bio: Each work of art I make is ultimately the end result of a lifetime of endeavors that have led me to become the artist that is before you. My art is as much a product of mine as I am a product of my art. Born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, 1990, Ty P Carroll moved with his mother and brother to Ohio when he was 7 and has been living in different cities and towns across Ohio ever since. Earning a BFA at The Ohio State University in Art and Technology with an emphasis on computer information science, Ty P Carroll’s artistic style combines traditional skills of drawing, painting, and photography with 21st century technologies to create a new hybrid art form that is a true original not only to Ohio but to the art world at large. With no defined term for this type of art, Ty has coined the term “glitch drawing” for his unique craft and is experimenting with different techniques; honing his style with each piece completed. Art changes with the ages so it seems logical that the tools used to create the art would also change. With computers and technology now at the disposal of artists everywhere the only limitation is the artist’s imagination and their courage to run with it. We all must find the courage required to follow our wildest dreams, for that is the only way genuine art can be made.